What is the Differences Between General, Contextual and Consultative Advisory Services?

Your Fuel plan determines what level of Advisory Services you have access to.

General Advisory Services

Available to: Individual Plus and above

What is it: General advice from experienced operators for every-day questions

What does this mean: General advisory services provides you with insight and best practices from experienced operators to strategically grow your company. Advisors will help you understand how to build growth oriented business with best practices in market and product, financial operations & capital strategy, gtm & sales scaling, marketing & communications and beyond.

Contextual Advisory Services

Available to: Teams and above

What is it: Tailored advice for your market and company

What does this mean: In addition to general advisory services, you will have access to Fuel's subject matter experts who will take your business market, funding, team and other aspects into account. By providing us with more specifics like these we’ll be able to help tailor those best practices to better fit your business needs.

Consultative Advisory Services

Available to: Enterprise

What is it: Customizable services to Market & Product, Business & Growth and Marketing Communications

What does this mean: In addition to both general and contextual advisory services, we’ll customize a statement of work and align an account manager with your team to working as an extension of your startup, every day.

For additional information on our Advisory Services visit https://york.ie/services