Fuel Release Notes

Updates to the Fuel Platform, New Features, Bug Fixes...We Got It All!


1.0.180 - Keywords on Dashboard, Improvements and Enhancements (1 April, 2022)

  • Added Keywords to Research Dashboard Page.
  • Improved time frames to be able to fetch more company updates / funding / acquisitions
  • Additional Bug and Performance Fixes
  • Data Enhancements
    • Fully released a new approach to updating the graph database for company markets
             - Smoother user experience during updates 
             - Is more performant for larger data sets going forward

    1.0.175 - Social Idea Generator in Beta (25 March, 2022)

    - Social Idea Generator (Beta)
        - Select News content from Companies, Markets and Keywords to generate social ideas for linkedIn, Twitter or FB all from the same tool and link directly to your social accounts!
        - Utilize your own content/copy to generate social ideas for your next article or blog post.

    - Watchlist Updates
        - Updated Word Cloud to be more integrated with current Keyword Trends. This allows for a more accurate depiction of trends and keywords associated with the news in a Watchlist.
        - Updated Watchlist content calendar to go out to 90 days. This provides a larger base of data for items such as Keywords, News, and Strength of Voice.

    - Bug Fixes and Performance tuning.

    1.0.165 - Keywords and Watchlist Updates (18 March, 2022)

    - Keyword Trend Updates
        - Added Keyword Trend/History Graphs to Keyword Landing Pages
        - Added Trending Keywords to Fuel News on Mobile

    - Watchlist Updates
        - Updated Favorite button to appear as star icon to easily make certain watchlists favorites.

    - Bug Fixes and Performance tuning

    1.0.158 - Keywords and Bug Fixes (11 March, 2022)

    - Keyword Updates
        - Added Article Keywords to News Articles
        - Added Trending keywords from across all News with in Fuel to the Fuel News Landing Page.

    - Bug Fixes and Performance tuning.
    - Optimized market categorization data to Fuel, which improves both accuracy and performance of our data. 

    1.0.150 - Watchlist List View Update  and More(24 February, 2022)

    • Watchlists list view page is now provided to all users by default
    • Favorite (previously on-dashboard) watchlists are now available from a separate nav item
    • Update investors tool with drawer for all filters but locations
    • Link to podcasts and investors tool from Company profile page

    1.0.146 - Tools, Related Companies and Keywords (18 February, 2022)

    • Add location filter to Investors tool, show more investment info
    • Create watchlist from investors tool
    • Create watchlist from related companies
    • Fix funding history of markets page to display correct years in insights
    • Improve keyword query performance

    1.0.132 - New Watchlist View and More (11 February, 2022)

    • New Watchlist list view has been released as an optional link on the current page
    • Fix a few issues with watchlist teams
    • Private Watchlists (only on new listview)
    • Fix Watchlist social graph
    • Order markets alphabetically on the Podcast Smart Tool (and show company count)

    1.0.120 - (4 February, 2022)

    • Watchlists can be assigned to multiple account teams - 1.0.118
    • Fix Advisory videos and attachments - 1.0.118
    • Improve watchlist company detail load time - 1.0.118
    • Misc. dependency updates and fixes - 1.0.118
    • Add link to research reports

    1.0.103 - Podcast Smart Tool Pre-Release (21 January, 2022)

    • Fix company logos on company page
    • Update robots.txt with Fuel original article URLs
    • Updated crash screen to force update service worker when needed
    • Podcast smart tool prerelease

    1.0.96 - Article Markets + Bug Fixes (14 January, 2022)

    • Show company markets on Article page
    • Fix some social links that were missing on company profile page
    • Allow copy of shared Watchlist
    • Fix company market links on company profile page
    • Fix related market links on market page

    1.0.87 - Talent & Culture, SEO (10 January, 2022)

    • Talent & Culture marketing / advisory update
    • Fix Sorting of markets on market pages
    • Escape page meta tags for SEO
    • Show unknown funding amounts as dashes

    1.0.83 - Market Updates, Security Fixes (7 January, 2022)

    • More Market SEO updates
      • Improved responsiveness based on Google Search Console results
    • Market Company Page
      • New page that provides a filterable list of all companies within a market, requires login
      • Looking to drive conversions with more detail pages from Market page
    • User profile updates
      • Users can now update their names from the Profile Settings screen
      • Remove Josh V. default...
    • Added response headers to address security issues regarding iframe embedding and XSS

    1.0.75 - SEO Updates and Fixes (17 December, 2021)

    • Create Fuel Sitemap and update robots.txt
    • Submit sitemap to google search for indexing
    • Update/Create open graph tags for Markets, News, and Advisory
    • Fix markets earned content
    • Show company popover on markets page when authenticated
    • Fix password reset link flow

    1.0.53 - General Updates (19 November, 2021)

    • Release related companies to paid users & teams
    • Fix global search page when enter is pressed

    1.0.47 - General Updates (12 November, 2021)

    • Updated email template for acquisitions
    • Simplified Advisory library on landing
    • Bug fixes on large Org Accounts
    • Internal option to scrape article for Owned Content

    1.0.42 - Watchlist Bug Fixes and Improvements (5 November, 2021)

    • Add domain/home page, employee count to Watchlist company list
    • Update Markets landing page in preparation for new categories
    • Fix playbook access to individual plans
    • Update plans messaging with individual access to playbooks
    • Fix Watchlist issues when sharing and editing, refreshing list on changes
    • Security update to notebook dependencies

    1.0.37 - Move Watchlists between Workspaces…. AND MORE (29 October, 2021)

    • Share workspace Watchlists with private accounts
    • Add functionality to move Watchlists between workspaces & teams
    • Workspace admins can delete teams when they are empty
    • Fix Watchlist PDF export - now exports complete table of companies
    • Update advisory playbook layouts

    1.0.30 - Strength of Voice...and More! (22 October, 2021)

    • Strength of voice chart on Watchlists
    • Show Funding investors by investment count on Watchlist funding page
    • Compare funding to last year’s on Watchlist funding page
    • Save last Workspace selected between sessions / refreshes / devices, etc. (user preferences)
    • New page to manage curated news (admin)
    • Updated Funding email template

    1.0.20 - Advisory Content Updates (15 October, 2021)

    • Support Research reports published through advisory content
    • Add appropriate meta tags for advisory content library

    1.0.12 - SEO Improvements, Watchlists Updates (7 October, 2021)

    • Link CTAs on marketing pages
    • Paginate Watchlist updates
    • Show companies on Strength of Voice index chart
    • Fix plan links when logged in
    • Update meta tags on Article pages
    • Update meta tags on Playbook pages
    • Add custom frontend metrics for operations

    1.0.6 - (1 October, 2021)

    • Support for funding updates in Slack
    • Investments & Acquisitions tab on Watchlists
    • Playbook image resizing for social share and general performance improvements
    • Marketing page content updates
    • Responsive fixes on home page and advisory pages
    • Responsive fixes for Advisory Videos
    • Update plans page information
    • Update messaging to login/upgrade to access Playbook content
    • Fix course video duration
    • Fix article style consistency

    0.605.0 - (28 September, 2021)

    • Advisory social share info
    • Advisory chat requires upgrade
    • Misc. content updates

    0.603.0 - Advisory Playbooks! (27 September, 2021)

    • Advisory playbook content available to Individual Plus users and up
    • Updated marketing pages and branding

    0.595.0 - Advisory Content Preparations (24 September, 2021)

    • Responsive Advisory pages
    • Tab layout on Advisory chat page
    • Login required for featured content
    • Improved Admin list (of Advisory playbooks)
    • Updated remaining email templates

    0.592.0 Update (17 September, 2021)

    • Show watchlist companies on Strength of Voice chart
    • Advisory live chat and ticket submission
    • Updated email templates
    • Back-to-top button on longer pages

    0.585.0 - Advisory Content and other fixes (10 September, 2021)

    • Featured Advisory Content (free content to all authenticated users) (internal)
    • Update Advisory landing and library pages (internal)
    • Deep linking to tabbed pages (accounts & watchlists)
    • Update Stripe billing to include billing address for tax purposes
    • Fix Watchlist page crash issue
    • Fix Social Audience sorting to include linkedin (watchlist chart)
    • Fix market pulse article links to remove duplicate links from Google index

    0.579.0 - Updated Watchlist page(s) (3 September, 2021)

    • New Watchlist Pages
      • Geo Map
      • Sortable Company list
      • Strength of Voice (internal release)
      • Updates to match dashboard updates
      • Updates calendar
      • Funding & investments
    • Advisory admin updates
    • Update article detail page style for consistency

    0.573.0 - Initial Advisory Content (internal) (20 August, 2021)

    • Advisory content management (released internally)
    • Fix Fuel twitter card meta tags
    • Fix password reset email and code link
    • MAU analytics
    • Fix Watchlist share email user name

    0.567.0 - Company Investments (13 August, 2021)

    • List company investments on profile
    • Hide funding if empty
    • Update watchlist weekly email template
    • Fix missing link on advisory page

    0.557.0 - New Dashboard, Social Sharing Ideas (6 August, 2021)

    • New Dashboard
    • Social sharing ideas on Articles
    • Updated news styles
    • Show company domain on search
    • Force refresh when update is available

    0.546.0 - Updated email templates, Stripe checkout for demo orgs (30 July, 2021)

    • Stripe checkout for inactive/demo organizations
    • Update email template styles
    • Report company profile issues
    • Testing funding event notifications
    • Slack integration fixes for orgs/teams
    • Company popover on investors
    • Fix admin analytics API
    • Fix personal account billing

    0.533.0 - Miscellaneous Updates (23 July, 2021)

    • Consistently fetch company logos
    • Update all article detail pages for consistent share experience (twitter specifically)

    0.530.0 - Rich Social Sharing/Earned Content Curation (23 July, 2021)

    • Rich social sharing - link previews for articles
    • Improved idea generation on articles
    • Article detail page for curated earned content
    • Time filter on Watchlist updates

    0.520.0 - News Updates and Article Ideas (16 July, 2021)

    • Updated idea/share generation on Article pages
    • Updated news curation to allow for future posts/planning
    • Fix alphanumeric issue in signup

    0.512.0 - News Updates & Fixes (12 July, 2021)

    • News improvements (remove news- prefix from URL)
    • Add formatted content and plain-text summary to custom Articles
    • Fix social audience order and expand option on Watchlists
    • Account member email validation
    • Re-enable Market Pulse emails
    • Enable HTTP2

    0.503.0 - (2 July, 2021)

    • News curation fixes
    • Check for new version on unexpected errors
    • Updated Hubspot integration
    • Initial article social share idea generation/copy
    • Fix empty locations on Watchlist geo

    0.487.0 - Org Accounts & Slack Integration Updates (24 June, 2021)

    • Slack integration updates and fixes
    • Organization account updates
      • Email notifications on invite
      • Show account member info (avatar, name, email, access)
      • Check that org accounts are active on watchlist create, account edit, advanced profiles
    • Updated mobile drawer navigation to expand drawer
    • Added password confirmation on reset
    • Fix facebook share on featured article
    • Validate emails on Watchlist share

    0.473.0 - Enable Organization Accounts (21 June, 2021)

    • Enable organization accounts & teams for public release
    • Bug fixes for accounts
    • Update Slack integration messaging

    0.470.0 - Final Teams Release Preparation (21 June, 2021)

    • Fix news curation (new articles)
    • Organization accounts - Create and checkout with Stripe
    • Update Slack integration
    • Update marketing pages for Orgs/Teams
    • Show advanced profiles from org account context
    • Filter by teams on Watchlists page

    0.461.0 - General Updates (18 June, 2021)

    • Updated / improved leadership on Company profile
    • Fix article creation - Description with numbers

    0.457.0 - Quick Billing Fix (17 June, 2021)

    • Billing timeout issues fixed

    0.448.0 - Social Audience and Other Stuff (15 June, 2021)

    • Social audience ratio on company profile
    • Fix social audience on Watchlists and Company profile
    • New experience for creating a new Watchlist with suggestions
    • General performance improvements for initial load

    0.439.0 - Fuel News Bug Fixes/Improvements, Add Missing Domains, LinkedIn (10 June, 2021)

    • Original Fuel articles and curation bug fixes/improvements
    • Ability for a user to add a domain to Fuel (from search)
    • LinkedIn social audience

    0.422.0 - Miscellaneous Bug Fixes (27 May, 2021)

    • UI Improvements to news curation
    • Right click to open global search results
    • Fix company object parser (fix MindRhythm social audience)

    0.418.0 - Improved News Curation (20 May, 2021)

    • Improve Fuel news curation; Add/remove key points, date picker
    • Fix bug where user notifications where reset from login
    • Fix article links if no protocol

    0.414.0 - Weekday Market Pulse Emails (17 May, 2021)

    • Only send daily market pulse emails on week days
    • Fix related companies on company profile
    • Fix market categories on company profile
    • Fix market category label width on Watchlists

    0.408.0 - Social Audience Comparison, Open Graph Updates (14 May, 2021)

    • Social audience comparison on Watchlist page
    • Update open graph headers on Fuel home for site preview
    • Display user’s company from dropdown, if configured
    • Add stats for teaser buttons, manage plans & learn more
    • Update company overview section to be consistent with Market overview
    • Add page size dropdown for Watchlist updates
    • Filter empty key points from article page
    • Updated section titles to be consistent across Companies, Markets, Watchlists

    0.390.0 - Small Fixes/Changes (9 May, 2021)

    • Update landing page to display featured, curated news
    • Update dashboard to display featured, curated news
    • Fix market pulse email sorting
    • Update read more text on market pulses

    0.386.0 - News Curation Fixes, Profile Updates (7 May, 2021)

    • Fix curated news schema and storage
    • Update fuel news header with new banner
    • Fix plans page to be responsive
    • Some improvements to market page performance
    • Update FAQs
    • Update market pulse email to pull from curated news

    0.376.0 - Fuel News Curation Updates (6 May, 2021)

    • News pages to display curated articles for each Market Pulse
    • Editor ability to delete a curated article
    • Updated URL paths with human-readable article slugs
    • Tooltips on pricing page

    0.371.0 - News Curation, Improved Signup (5 May, 2021)

    • Initial news curation capabilities - for editors of Fuel News
    • Signup workflow - updated login page(s) with workflow for market pulse and plan checkout
    • Updated first-time-ux Watchlist templates
    • Fixed article key points on some article pages
    • Updates to marketing messaging
    • Fixed template creation
    • Enable HTTP2 in cloudfront

    0.363.0 - Individual Plans, Billing and Limits (30 April, 2021)

    • Added individual plans with Stripe integration for billing
    • Enforce limits based on selected plan
    • Updated & fixed company Web property tree
    • Improve Market page initial load performance
    • Podcast social share buttons
    • Updated error screen to be more friendly (removed red X)

    0.356.0 - Podcasts (23 April, 2021)

    • Display podcasts on company profile (earned content)
    • Better Watchlist search & creation from company profile
    • Remove empty values from company overview
    • Fix web property links
    • Company profile spacing and headers

    0.344.0 - Mobile Share Options, Market Pulse Subscription Buttons and More! (16 April, 2021)

    • Mobile share integration
    • Fuel Newsletter backend integration
    • Manage Market Pulse subscription buttons (on Market Pulse pages)
    • Remove Crunchbase placeholder image
    • Wrap watchlist title on mobile
    • Minimize Watchlist tables on mobile
    • Logout redirects to home page (non-google user)
    • Branded logo fallback
    • Better empty state / loaders in watchlists
    • Reset search state when selecting on mobile
    • Wrap social links on mobile
    • Fix footer overlap

    0.332.0 - Analytics and Fixes

    • Analytics expanded; session, page, events
    • Include company name with Twitter share
    • Remove duplicate articles from article detail page

    0.326.0 - Market Pulse Email Fix (8 April, 2021)

    • Fix market pulse email to batch send 
    • Update social audience to be displayed as stat cards on company page
    • Dedupe companies when adding to Watchlist

    0.322.0 - SEO & Other Miscellaneous Fixes (6 April, 2021)

    • Update logo image alt text and HTML meta for SEO
    • Fix Market Pulse email issue
    • Remove spinner on profile page when loading (previously shifted content down the page)
    • Remove font awesome dependency
    • Fix company TOC scroll issue
    • Fix Watchlist selection on company page on medium screens

    0.313.0 - Market Pulse Subscriptions (2 April, 2021)

    • Market Pulse subscriptions, daily/weekly emails
    • First time user checklist on dashboard
    • Improved empty state of dashboard with one-click creation of canned Watchlists
    • Update tour with checklist

    0.302.0 - Sub-Header Fix, Responsiveness, Service Worker Updates (1 April, 2021)

    • Added fixed subheaders to Company, Watchlist, Markets page
    • Fixed responsive issues on marketing pages
    • Updated service worker in continued effort to stream line app updates

    0.300.0 - Fuel Tours, Article read time, Market page updates (31 March, 2021)

    • First time experience with tour of dashboard on first login
    • Show company news on market pages
    • Show funding history chart on market pages
    • Fix bar chart on notebooks
    • Clean up company web traffic with option to expand
    • Continue to fix company logos

    0.290.0 - Advisory Services page & Other fixes (26 March, 2021)

    • Add advisory services marketing page
    • Show watchlist selection from company page on mobile
    • Company link from Article page
    • Fuel version number in footer with trademarks
    • Fix search issues from company page
    • Add iOS "Back" breadcrumb as "York IE Fuel"
    • Search box - ability to right click and open in new tab

    0.289.0 - Article & Marketing Pages (25 March, 2021)

    • Article detail page
      • Shows fuel key points (text summarizer)
      • Highlight text and share to Twitter
      • Company detail (publisher of article)
      • More articles by company
    • 1st iteration of Marketing pages
      • When not logged in, show marketing pages describing/advertising Fuel and its features
      • Open news site with article view
      • Updated footer

    0.283.0 - Social Audience Profile (19 March, 2021)

    • Added social audience profile to Company page
    • Link to https://knowledge.york.ie from support page
    • Add xAxis to charts on Watchlist page

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    0.269.0 - Opt-In Horizontal Layout & More (11 March, 2021)

    • New layout to match marketing pages, auth vs unauth experience
      • To access new layout options, Click on your profile image, then select "Next" under the Layouts setting. 
    • Knowledge base origin at https://fuel.york.ie/knowledge
    • Fix Watchlist merge / copy / delete